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Dr Muhammed Akhtar

Dr Muhammad Akhtar
Consultant Psychiatrist
Expertise in Eating Disorder, Adolescent psychiatrist

Dr Akhtar is a highly skilled and compassionate consultant psychiatrist with over 10 years of extensive experience in Clinical Psychiatry in Australia. He completed his psychiatry training at Gold Coast University Hospital and Metro South MHS Brisbane, where he gained valuable experience in treating patients with diverse mental health conditions.

Dr Akhtar’s advanced training in Adult Eating disorders program at Gold Coast mental health and continuing care teams has given him a unique perspective on holistic models of community care driven by patients and their carers. He provides personalised care that considers the individual needs of each patient, and he prioritizes open communication and collaboration with his patients and their support networks.

Over the years, Dr Akhtar has worked in various regional and urban hospitals across Australia, including Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania. His expertise in mental health has earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable practitioner, and his patients appreciate his empathetic and supportive approach to care.

He has extensive experience in treating a broad range of psychiatric disorders and complexities, including eating disorders, mood disorders, psychosis, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, and substance misuse. He endeavours to form a positive therapeutic relationship to empower patients with collaborative and holistic approach.